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How to Avoid Back Pain While Driving

by:Prosperity     2020-05-09
Remember the last time you where driving and you started getting fidgety in your seat and all of the sudden, back pain. With a little help I am going to show you how to avoid back pain while driving. One step you must take before you start to drive on that long trip is to adjust your car seat properly. Your car seat must be straight up forming a right angle. Also your seat must not be to low to the floor or else your legs will also start to cause you discomfort. Next, let us discuss lumbar support. We hear about lumbar seats in cars all of the time but are they properly adjusted? If you have an adjustable lumbar then you must set your lumbar to follow the natural curvature of your lower spine. By doing this, the pressure associated with your natural weight pushing down on your tail bone will be offset properly by the lumbar support. If you do not have a lumbar seat, then here are of couple ideas to help with your seat positioning. Place a small stiff pillow behind your back just above your butt cheeks; this will help alleviate pain while driving also. Another way is to purchase a lumbar support available at my website listed below. These supports have been tested and approved for helping you get rid of your back pain while driving. Sometimes common sense can help you eliminate your pain by planning your trip with frequent stops or sharing your driving privileges with your spouse or friend that might be traveling with you. If traveling alone then by all means stop frequently, you know from experience how long you can drive before you start to feel lower back pain. If your pain starts after one hour of driving, then try splitting up the time in one half hour sessions. Get out of your car and walk around, you will feel so much more revived and enjoy your trip so much more.
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