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Waterproof dry bag

This column show our  enviroromental  PVC tarpaulin stylish waterproof  dry bag . OUR BEST WATERPOOF DRY BAG is just what you need to reliably protect your valuables when on the beach, spending the day on a boat, hiking in rain, skiing on water or in snow, or anything else that subjects  your valuables to water and moisture. This tough PVC material bag locks in your phone, watch, papers, food,clothing, even your tablet or laptop. No water can get in. And if your boat overturns, this bag will float on water.The bright color makes it easy to spot. This bag could literally save your life showing rescue staff where to find you.  STAYS SOFT AND FLEXIBLE even with age and in the coldest weather. Simply put your items in the bag, then roll the top down 3 or 4 times. Snap the buckle and you're ready to go. The lengthy carrying strap makes this a convenient backpack that protects your possessions from water 

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