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Neoprene fabric

This category shows our eco-friendly,  good flexibility, stability, and durable neoprene fabric.  The neoprene material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, with delicate, soft, elastic, shockproof, heat-insulating, flexible, waterproof and breathable features.  Neoprene fabric has contained three layers, the middle layer is neoprene rubber, the two surface layers bonded is fabric. The neoprene rubber sheet color has black, beige, and white. Black is commonly used. We provide SBR, SCR, CR with different thicknesses. Our neoprene stiffness is 3°-12°. Neoprene thickness from 1mm to 20mm. Our neoprene sheet size  is 51"x130"  and  51"x 83". Neoprene can be laminated with different color fabrics or functions. We can laminate nylon and polyester and lycra, etc.  on neoprene according to customer requirements. Neoprene fabric/neoprene sheet is widely used for lunch bags, laptop bags, can cooler bag, bottle cooler cover,  sport support, medical protection, diving suit, wetsuit, handbags, slimming supports, neoprene accessory, etc. Prosperity neoprene fabric for sale, welcome to contact for neoprene fabric wholesale price. We also can custom neoprene rubber sheet for you based on specific applications.

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