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What’s neoprene material?

What’s neoprene material?


Summary of Neoprene(SBR CR ):  Neoprene material is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, with delicate, soft, elastic, shockproof, heat-insulating, flexible, waterproof and breathable features. It is widely used in the manufacture of diving suits, so everyone got a plain name for it : Neoprene. 

Chemical components: Polymer composed of chloroprene as monomer and emulsion polymerization.


Feature and application: good weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, self-extinguishing, excellent oil resistance, second only to  buna-N rubber, with good tensile strength, elongation, elasticity , but the electrical insulation, storage stability is bad, the use temperature is -35 ℃ to 130 ℃.




Neoprene can be laminated with different color fabrics or functions. Widely used in: diving suits, sports support , fitness products,  can & bottle cooler ,  laptop bag,  lunch bag , and so on.

Common materials:

1)100% CR (neoprene) : diving suit ,surfing suit, wetsuit  ,wader glove and accessories.

2)15% CR+85% SBR

30% CR+70% SBR     

50% CR+50% SBR

diving suit ,surfing suit,wetsuit, wader glove and accessories,sport support  and medical protection accessories etc .


3)100% SBR

Sport support  and medical protection  accessories horse guards,laptop bag,lunch bag and  can cooler footwear,seat cover,cell phone case, gift ,etc.

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