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Bags, Totes & More to Organize Your Family

by:Prosperity     2020-04-11
Getting your life organized is a constant battle. There is always a pull back and forth between family, work and other daily responsibilities. How do you manage it all? How do you keep it together? It is enough to drive you crazy if you let it. I have learned with both my husband and I having full-time jobs and two boys at home that you have to organize your life as much as possible to stay sane. I have found that our busy household has gone from minor chaos to a manageable flurry. We are always going to be busy but having you and your house organized can make all the difference in the world. Let me tell you about some changes we have made to our home that might make your life easier. For yourself: I used to carry the tiniest purse before I had children. What more did I need than my driver's license, money, debit card and lipstick. Times have changed. Now I have been carrying a tote as a purse. Thank goodness they are in style. There are so many fun styles and fabric now-a- days. You can always find variety to suit your needs. Carrying a little bit bigger bag helps you keep the things you might need throughout the day within reach at all times. On the Go: With two boys getting out the door to go somewhere is always an adventure. Our six-year-old always needs to bring toys wherever we go. We have a small tote bag that is monogrammed with his initials. He knows this is his bag to use when we go in the car. We picked a small tote so we can regulate what he brings with him. If it doesn't fit in the bag then it doesn't make it to the car. It gives him some freedom to choose what he wants he wants to take but we have some stipulations because we chose the bag size. Having a nine-month old can be a challenge at times. Getting from one place to another can take more time unless you have an organized system in place. Let me tell you, we do! For quick outings, I like to carry my son's things in a thermal tote. It is great because the fabric and lining can be washed. Spills are easily cleaned. The tote is big enough to carry a couple diapers, change of clothes, wipes and food. Keep the bottles cold if I am carrying on with me. This bag stays stocked so it is always ready to go for a quick getaway to the store. For myself and my older son, we use it as our daily lunch totes. Boys' Rooms: Each of the boys' rooms would be total chaos if we did not keep them organized. We have storage totes on shelves to keep things in their place and off the floor. A nice touch is to add embroidery to these totes. We have small square totes to store his Nintendo DS and the game cartridges. The same square tote is great for DVD or CD storage. Take it from two parents that are learning as we go with our two boys. Make your every day routine easier by keeping your life more organized. You can never lose the stress of a hectic household completely but you can say goodbye to minor chaos. Take a look at Thirty-One Gifts by Leah for some great ideas.
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