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Why a Lumbar Support Cushion Could Be the Answer

by:Prosperity     2020-05-26
Lower back pain is a very common condition that's not only persistent, but debilitating for many people. A lumbar support cushion can help not only alleviate pain in the lower back, but prevent it from happening in the first place. In the absence of a medical diagnosis such as disc herniation or a bone or joint condition, one or two things may be to blame for lower back pain: Injury involving strain and spasm in the lower back or lumber muscles. If you've suffered a back injury, the muscles in your back that normally stabilize your spine may be permanently inhibited, even if you're pain free for extended periods of time. Poor sitting posture. If you haven't had a noticeable injury, lower back pain could be caused by poor sitting posture. Most people have no idea they're 'overdoing it' by sitting most of the day at the office, plus a few hours more at home. Sitting with your back bent over and your shoulders stooped may be a direct cause of pain in the lower back (as well as the neck and shoulders, too). Cushions that provide lumber support can alleviate and help prevent back pain in multiple ways. A lumbar support cushion: Holds you in the correct, ergonomic sitting posture. Alleviates pressure on the lower back. Allows you to relax your back and prevent muscle fatigue. Promotes proper blood circulation throughout the body, including the spine and legs. Although there are many different kinds of back support cushions you can use with whatever chair you're sitting in, one that's specifically designed for lumbar support will be the most effective. A lumbar support cushion is designed to fill in the gap between the lower spine and your chair when you sit. By providing support at the inward curve in your lower back, you can sit comfortably without straining lumbar muscles, even for extended periods of time. This special type of cushion can act almost like a coiled spring, absorbing downward pressure that's normally placed on the lumbar muscles during sitting due to gravity. Lumbar cushions are commonly made of memory foam, but there are some inflatable types available as well as cushions made with other materials. The main feature to look for is the ability to fit the lumbar curve when you're seated. Once you find a comfortable lumbar cushion, use it as often as possible to alleviate and prevent back problems. Rely on your lumbar support cushion for support when: Driving Watching TV in a seated position Working at a desk or table Sitting in your reading chair Using the home computer Any time you'll be seated for more than a few minutes. You can carry a cushion for lumbar support with you to work or keep one at the office and one at home. A third cushion for your car will ensure you're always comfortable when driving. Given the amount of pain and frustration they can alleviate, you'll find investing in one or more lumbar cushions well worth the minimal expense.
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