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Tennis is Loads of Fun, But Hard on the Knees

by:Prosperity     2020-04-30
Whether people are just volleying the ball back and forth or are playing in a serious competition, tennis is loads of fun for players of all ages and skill levels. Tennis is a game that is either played with two players or two teams consisting of two players each. Most competitions are either the best of three or the best of five sets. This is a game that has been popular since the 19th century, when people in the United Kingdom enjoyed the earliest version of the game, lawn tennis. The game became quite popular with the upper-class British and soon was being enjoyed by players all over the world. Throughout the years, there have been few changes to the game, especially when it comes to the rules, with the exception of the tie-break, which was created in the 1970s, and the fact that after 1960, players no longer had to have both feet on the ground when serving. Not a Sport that is Easy on the Knees As fun as it is to play tennis, this is not a sport that is easy on the knees. There is a lot of running involved and a lot of impact on the knees. It is important that people who play any amount of tennis take steps to protect their knees in order to avoid injuries that are very painful and often lead to knee surgery, which one only wants to undergo as a very last resort. Knee surgery is painful, and the recovery can take months. Many patients report that they still have problems, and wish they had never bothered with the surgery. One way to possibly avoid knee surgery is to protect you knees while playing tennis. This can easily be done by wearing a comfortable knee brace on each knee, which will protect the knees from impact as well as hyper-extension. One brace that is popular with many tennis players is the DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support, which is also great for the healing process of such mild to moderate knee injuries as mild ligament sprains and strains as well as patellar instabilities. Features of the DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support The DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support is lightweight and comfortable, making it the ideal knee brace for tennis players, as well as those into playing many other supports that involve running. Made from a breathable neoprene fabric, this brace is a good, all-round support for tennis players and other athletes. It provides support and compression while the athlete is playing tennis, which will help the player to avoid injuries to their knees. There are thigh and calf straps that provide additional compression, and a sewn-in pad for patellar support. The DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support relieves knee pain and is available in sizes to fit most, from small to extra, extra large. If you are a tennis player and would like to do more to protect your knees from injury, you really should consider using knee braces.
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