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Sciatica and Low Back Pain Prevention

by:Prosperity     2020-05-16
Is it possible to prevent back pain? The verdict is still out on this question. The believe is that if you exercise and maintain a healthy diet you would most likely have a healthy back. The problem with this thought is that exercise if not done properly can injure the back. Many high impart activities increase the chance of injury. Therefore, it is very important to exercise in a manner that does not stress the back. So what exercises help the back without producing un-due stress. Well, low impart exercises like swimming, walking and bicycling help strengthen the back without over stressing. The following are simple suggestions to help prevent sciatica or low back pain: 1) Sitting properly: I know it sounds to simple. However, most persons do not sit properly at their desks. The computer is the corner to save space on the desk and they sit at an angle. Over time this affects the back, shoulders and back. Another problem can be the desk chair. You're feet most touch the ground and the chair most have a supportive curvature. If the chair does not have this you can buy a back cushion as a support for long hours at the office. 2) Lumbar Support Belts: Especially for workers that lift heavy items at work a lumbar support belt is very important. These person work at the airport lifting suitcases or those working in warehouses moving inventory the belt is an important item to prevent injury. In this case prevention is very important. 3) Lifting: Do not stoop and lift using your back. First, keep your back straight and down, head up and use the knees to lift while you tighten stomach muscles. Ensure that what you lift is not too heavy for you. If necessary ask for assistance, to avoid injury. 4) Bed: Your bed could be the culprit of your back pain. Is your bed too soft? This may cause back pain. You may want to consider placing a piece of plywood between the box spring and mattress to stiffen the bed. Also consider different sleeping positions. On my last chiropractic visit, I was recommended to sleep on my back and side instead of my belly. 5) Weight: Too much weight is a burden to your lower back. Maintain a healthy weight and perform low impart exercise will help the back. The above suggestions are to minimize the chances of low back and sciatica pain. Although, back and sciatica pain may not be avoided prevention never the less will go a long way.
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