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Save Money - 4 Great Tips For Packing an Easy

by:Prosperity     2020-04-05
One of the happy side effects of a down economy is creativity. In our efforts to make our dollars stretch these days, many folks are finding fun and healthy alternatives for everyday living. A quick drive to the store has been replaced with a bike ride. Families are spending time together playing in the park or watching movies at home. And now our midday meal is getting a healthy makeover as well. The packed lunch is back and better than ever. Today's healthy lunches are packed with flavor, color and texture and are easy on our debit cards. Here are some healthy ways to move beyond the sandwich and carrot sticks. Vary the Veggies Carrots are great, but switch it up with some jicama sticks. Jicama is a wonderful treat in a lunch bag. Cut into sticks the size of french fries, jicama can be drizzled with a little lime juice and a touch of cayenne. Think about adding some lightly salted edamame to your lunches. If you want a super speedy veggie for your lunch, go for a frozen vegetable medley. Today's lunch bags have reliable seals and separate compartments, so get creative. Toss together your favorite frozen veggies and some seasonings and you're done. It's ready to microwave when you get to work. Wrap Stars Sandwiches are great, but not every day. Think about a wrap instead. Tortillas are a wonderful complement to a variety of fillings: cream cheese and jalapenos, leftover beans and rice, or simply lunchmeat and cheese. But don't limit yourself to tortillas. Try making a wrap with large lettuce leaves or rice paper. Fill a rice paper spring roll with meat, veggies, rice noodles and teriyaki sauce. Then you have a lunch to look forward to! Souper Savers Thrifty cooks know that soups are one of the healthiest, low-cost menu items in their repertoire. Leftover meats and veggies find new life in tasty soups and stews. A good, leak-proof thermos will keep your brothy delight warm and wonderful for your midday meal. This is one of the easiest lunch options when paired with a whole-wheat roll. The Best Lunch Bag The best lunch can go awry in an unprotected plastic baggie. Look for a quality lunch bag that fits your tastes. If soup and a roll is your favorite, you'll need a reliable thermos. For variety, sealable compartments are great to have. To make sure you'll want to keep using your lunch bag, choose one that's easy to clean. As in most things, the right tool makes the job easier. Take out lunches are typically expensive, greasy and full of questionable ingredients. A healthy homemade lunch is one of those thrifty solutions that is actually better than its 'convenient' counterpart. Be creative and have fun. Have a happy lunch!
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