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Personalised Lunchboxes: The Only Way To Rock Up At School

by:Prosperity     2020-04-09
First and foremost, personalised lunchboxes isn't some euphemism. There'll be no talk of nether regions or Olympic sprinters in lycra. Instead, we're literally referring to the lunchboxes you used as a kid to take your sandwiches, squash, banana and Trio bar into school. Back in the day, I didn't have a lunchbox. I had school dinners. But there were kids with some fantastic lunchboxes that incorporated all the best cartoons of the time - cartoons that safely fall into the retro category nowadays. The likes of He-Man, Transformers and Thundercats were the biggies, while for the girls I seem to recall things like Care Bears and My Little Pony. I'm not going to lie, I was very envious of the former. I'd have loved a He-Man lunchbox, especially if it included Battle Cat in the picture. The boxes themselves were like a small plastic case that opened in two from the middle, with two clips to hold it shut and a handle at the top. Typically they were either a bright primary colour or something like grey. And whereas today lunchboxes have advanced from the rectangular plastic case with a waterproof sticker on the front, there are still some pretty cool options out there - even without Thundercats, Transformers or Care Bears on the front. What's more, we're now able to produce personalised lunchboxes. Girls, in particular, have it good, with two Dora the Explorer options available. But it's the so-called lunch bags that are the coolest of the bunch. These zip-around bags come in navy or pink and give you the choice of four different designs on the front. For the boys, there's the option of a monkey, robot or skateboarder, while the girls can choose from a monkey, princess or butterfly. All of them feature your chosen name and both versions also allow you to keep it simple with the name alone. And while we're at it, why stop at personalised lunchboxes? Personalised stationary is another thing that'll make them the envy of their mates. After all, every kid loves stationary, so stick their name on the front and it gets even better. What you've actually got are 35 pieces of stationary, including six gel pens, a pencil case, 12 coloured pencils, two HB pencils, 12 coloured markers, a highlighter and ruler, as well as an eraser and a sharpener which are the only two things that won't be personalised.
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