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Methods To Protect Your Back When You Don't Own

by:Prosperity     2020-05-11
For the longest time I have been showing people how to use a lumbar support cushion to protect their back but then I was thinking, what if you don't have a lumbar support cushion. I know that the obvious thing to do would be to buy a lumbar support cushion but I know that not everybody is going to do that. For those of you who don't want to spend the $20 to protect your back against lower back pain then here are some things that you can try to protect your back. The one thing I would like to tell you is that these methods work OK but they are not as easy as a support cushion is. I have used a couple of these techniques but soon after using them I got a lumbar support cushion because they didn't work as well as I hoped. Ways To Protect Your Back Without A Lumbar Support Cushion Water bottle - One of the ways you can protect your back is to switch out the support cushion with a half filled water bottle. The goal here is to give your back the support that it needs in order to keep it aligned and place your body in a proper sitting position. Just know that the water bottle that you use must have a very tight lid on it because if not then the lid will pop off and most likely soak you when you are sitting down. Remember this because you don't want to get wet when you are just trying to prevent your back from hurting. Rolled up towel - A lot of people out there will use a rolled up towel and sometimes this works great but sometimes it doesn't work at all. What you need to know about a rolled up towel is that it should not be extremely hard and if it is your back will most likely hurt later on. My advice is to tape the towel when you roll it so that it doesn't come loose when you are using it. Beach ball - Something that I was once told about is a barely filled beach ball. This really looks funny but the truth is that when you fill it up just right it will really help your back. My last suggestion is to at least make sure that the air intake valve is shut so that you don't have to put more air in it time after time. I know that some of these may seem a little strange, and they are but at least they will help out your back a little bit. Always remember that when it comes to lumbar support cushions there is nothing out there that can replace them.
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