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Magnetic Therapy - Does It Work?

by:Prosperity     2020-04-19
Magnetic therapy has been known to man for centuries now and is probably just as popular today as it has always been. So do magnets have genuine healing properties or is it really just a ploy that the mind plays on the body? i.e. I think that this is helping me and so it is?! Most converts will argue vehemently about the benefits of magnets to many human conditions in particular they will claim that magnetic therapy can alleviate the pain associated with illnesses such as arthritis, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and much more. They claim that these benefits apply equally to animals as they do to humans. Many sports players, both professional and amateur will swear by the healing properties that they have obtained from a magnetic knee support or a magnetic elbow support for example. Today the i-Balance bracelet in its many forms and colours is worn by many leading sports players across a wide variety of sporting activities. In fact the bracelet has even become something of a fashion statement. So are these many converts really getting actual benefits from magnets or is it all in the mind? Here are some facts to consider: From a scientific point of view it is a fact that the vast majority of the biological chemicals within our bodies are actually electro-chemical ions. They have either positive or negative charges, and produce electro-magnetic fields. The careful balance of positive and negative ions in and around nerves in the body maintains a slightly negative charge. When triggered, the balance of ions shifts, and becomes more positive. This sends a pain signal to the brain. The balance and movement of different ions signals and regulates different biological processes and most fascinating of all is the discovery that these ions can be influenced by external magnetic forces. Authentic research has given us indisputable evidence that negative magnetic fields actually constrict and dilate the walls of capillary blood vessels. This response assists the body with regulating blood circulation. Capillaries constrict to reduce blood flow near areas of injury and trauma, decreasing swelling and pain. When swelling is removed, capillaries then dilate to increase blood flow. This carries oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to speed up cellular repair. Subsequently negative magnetic fields enhance the body's ability to quickly adapt and regulate these biological responses. This leads to greater pain relief and faster healing. So if you are in the 'Old Wives Tale' camp it really does seem that magnetic therapy has proven healing powers both for humans and animals alike.
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