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Lumbar Support Pillow and Reasons You Need a Back

by:Prosperity     2020-05-24
Getting a lumbar support pillow for yourself can be very handy especially if you have the tendency to experience growing back pain due to overwork or some adventurous overstretching. Such a pillow has a unique design that supports the curve of your spine nicely, making your back feel much better immediately. As it is light and compact in size, it also has the advantage of being portable so you are able to lug it around everywhere you go. As narrated above, a lumbar support pillow primarily supports the curve and shape of your spine, helping to adjust your posture nicely. As your back leans against it, the muscles at your back shifts to each side of the spine balancing their weight evenly across your back and thus helping you to relax. This achieves the effect of reducing the aches and pains of your back due to poor posture while seated, directly saving you some money from visiting your doctor to nurse a back pain. A lumbar support pillow is constructed as a memory foam contour pillow with a cover made from cotton material. The outer cover is commonly made from medium weight corduroy fabric which can be tossed into the washing machine or just air dried. The outer cover also has an attached strap with adjustments for securing the pillow in place while being used. These pillows are commonly available in an array of colors for you to choose from. You can easily choose a color that suits your preference. The price for a standard pillow ranges from under twenty to about a hundred dollars and is thus quite an affordable purchase for most people. Pick a pillow that supports the contours of your lower back well and which also ties within your budget. Physical therapists will normally advise their patients on the uses of a lumbar support pillow as a form of back support cushion. As a useful accessory for chair back support in the office, it is good if you buy another of these lumbar seat cushions and keep it in your office transforming your normal office chair to a lumbar support office chair. If you jet around often, you may have reason to invest in a lumbar support travel pillow. This type of pillow is fully inflatable for easy carrying and offers compact ergonomic support for your back during long flight times. All it takes is a few puffs of air and it converts into a comfortable back support while in the air. Another good reason for acquiring a lumbar support pillow is if you have to drive for long distances. Sitting behind the wheel for a long time introduces a lot of stress to the lower back if you do not have proper support.
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