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Lumbar Support Belt - Pain Saving Facts You Need to Know

by:Prosperity     2020-05-13
If you want to protect yourself from debilitating back pain, then you may want to learn how to properly wear a lumbar support belt. Lower back pain has become very common these days. In fact, it is the second most common reason why people visit their doctor and also one of the most common reasons why people spend time off work. A good lumbar support belt stabilizes your pelvis, lumbar spine, and SI joints, thus providing you with maximum lower back pain relief. It also helps you maintain proper posture at all times, particularly when you are lifting heavy objects. Getting The Right Size Belt If you choose to wear a lumbar support belt, then you have to make sure that you get the right size. This can be determined by measuring your lower back region. If you have a relatively large midsection, then it is advisable for you to get the next size up to ensure comfort. If the belt you chose has two side flaps attached by Velcro, release these flaps and then position them at the edge of the belt. Most often, a lumbar support belt also has a flap at the back that marks the centre of the belt. Position this flap at the centre of your lower back. Make sure that the belt's side seams are properly aligned with your pants seams. Position The Belt Correctly Position the belt such that its width covers your lower back and tailbone area. As you put the belt on, be sure not to suck your stomach in all the way. You should also make sure that your belly does not hang out all the way. Rather, you should start out with a comfortable and neutral position. Wrap the belt around towards the front of your body and when you Velcro it into position, make sure that the two sides are properly matched and that there is a solid foundation from the overlap. Make sure that the two sides of the belt do not crisscross because this can prevent it from staying in place. Remember those side flaps that you set aside earlier? It is now time to use them for added support around your waist. Bring the flaps to the front and then Velcro them fully into place. The top of your belt should be positioned level with or just below your navel. Lumbar support belts are best used by people with recurring lower back pain as well as those who are recovering from lower back injury. If you do not fall into any of these two categories, you can determine if this type of belt will be of help simply by overlapping your hands, placing them on the lower part of your belly and then lifting them inward and upward. If you feel immediate relief from back pain when you do this, then you will definitely benefit from a lumbar support belt.
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