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Lumbar Back Support Tips That Will Help You Prevent

by:Prosperity     2020-05-20
The alarm clock rings and you jump out of bed - and without realizing it, you do the first step towards persistent back problems! Here is how to get up right: When you wake up, make sure to give your back also a little time to wake up. The best thing you can do now is stretching. After you have laid down during the night, your muscles are out of shape and limited in their mobility. Through stretching exercises you can rebuild your muscles, such strengthening your back and bring your body up to speed the healthy way. Do you know the best way to get out of your bed without putting tension on your lower back? Here is how: Slide to the edge of the bed and turn to the side. Support yourself with your hands from the side and lift your upper body. Then stay seated for a short while, until your body cycle has started. Another common problem that causes back tension is sitting in the car. A good car seat, supported by a lumbar support cushion will give your lower spine the much needed support. Your backrest should form an angle of about 110 degrees to the seat and you should always slide all the way back to the back. Sit comfortable and grab the steering wheel with slightly bent arms. You should now be able to reach the pedals with slightly bent legs. If you don't have time for sport during your work week, make sure you walk during the day as much as possible. Parking your car at the far end of the parking lot is one good idea to get some extra exercise and strengthen your back! When you carry books or other heavy weighting items with you, get a backpack as a heavy bag slung over one side of your shoulder can be harmful to your lumbar area. Now let's look at the time you spend in your office. Here are some basic rules to prevent back pain while you sit in your chair: Change your seating position as often as possible, and stand up as much as possible. Adjust your seat so it is high enough to position your thighs and your lower legs at right angles to the floor. Your feet should rest flat on the floor, if necessary use a footstool to achieve this posture. Chair with armrests are recommended as they relieve the spine, because the muscles don't have to bear the weight of the arms. Here are some more tips for a healthy posture: Always stand as upright as possible Push your shoulders back and don't let them sag forward Always stand with your feet parallel at hip distance apart Change your posture frequently Purposely tighten and relax different muscles of your body for a few seconds when possible When you lift heavy objects, don't bend your back, but move your body as close to the object as you can, only bending your knees, but keeping your back straight. Which sport is recommended for people with back problems? Biking, for example, is excellent for lumbar back support. Many people who have back pain when walking experience no problems on a bike. Pedaling strengthens many muscles and your spine is relieved. Make sure that you are sitting as upright as possible with a straight back on the saddle. To achieve such a sitting position, your handlebars should be slightly higher than the top of the saddle. When you come home and relax on the couch, make sure that your back is supported by a lumbar support cushion. Every once in a while you should shift your position or even better, get up for a quick walk to the kitchen or the bathroom. When you lay in bed, take your lumbar support pillow with you and place it at the proper position under your body. These back support tips will stabilize your spine and help you avoid or alleviate back problems.
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