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Knee Support - Orthoses and Braces - Finding A

by:Prosperity     2020-04-15
Are you an individual that needs a knee support? Are you a medical professional searching for a knee brace for one of your patients? 1.) Knee Supports, Are They The Same As Knee Orthoses? In the medical field, a professional in braces will refer to them as orthoses. An orthosis is a term that refers to external support. - So yes, they are basically the same thing, but do not forget that all knee supports are NOT made equally. 2.) Knee Supports Are Not Created Equally! When you need to get a knee support for yourself (or your patient), please be aware that there are some basic differences among them. For starters, some knee braces are made for just after a surgery, while others are meant to be used if you need to help protect your knee long after you have healed from an injury. Here is a simple break down of the different types of knee braces. A.) Post Operative Knee Orthosis: Used after a surgery. These kinds of braces are usually longer in length and can have a dynamic hinge on each side of the knee. This basically means that you can adjust the setting on the knee joint very quickly when needed, as your physician allows more range of motion. - There are other knee orthoses that can be used after a surgery called 'knee immobilizers', but these supports usually just keep the knee straight. B.) Ligament Knee Supports: Many people refer to knee supports as 'ACL Knee Braces' or 'MCL Knee Braces' for example. These come in off the shelf designs and custom made styles. There is a debate in the industry about which knee braces are usually better (off the shelf or custom) but it is hard to beat the support of a custom made support. Especially if the size of your leg demands a custom molded design. C.) Simple Neoprene Sleeves: These kinds of knee braces are usually used for minor knee problems. You would never want to use a neoprene or drytex sleeve or wrap around style brace for a complex injury. Nor would you want to typically use it just after surgery. They can, however, be very useful and with a little extra support many people will feel their pain symptoms diminish so they can get on with everyday life again. 3.) Your Insurance May Cover the Entire Brace! One of the best things about working with a brace professional is that they are often used to working with insurance companies to help you facilitate your claim. Typically you will need your insurance card, ID and a willingness to let them file the claim on your behalf. - An insurance company may cover most of your knee brace if not all of the new orthosis, but this depends on the type of insurance program that you have. 4.) Finding A Brace Company Near You - Chicago & Suburbs Example If you are looking for a knee support and you live in Chicago, for example, you can go to Google to begin your search. What you can do is type in 'knee support' and 'Chicago', or 'knee orthosis' and 'Chicago'. When you do this you will be able to have companies in your area, pop on in the search results. This general example is helpful whether you live in a suburb of Chicago, or any other area. - We hope this helps.
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