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Knee Bracing for Ski Injury

by:Prosperity     2020-04-18
The knee joint is one of the most vulnerable areas for sustaining injury while skiing. Any snow lover will tell you that a strong, flexible and agile knee is critical for control and safety. Active skiers can avoid injury to their vital knees by wearing a knee brace while on the slopes. Even relatively minor injuries can lead to bigger problems quickly if the injured knee is not protected properly. Injuries to the knee are the most frequent disability experienced by snow lovers worldwide. The medial collateral ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament are the two most common areas where serious knee injury occurs. Tears to these regions of the knee can take months to heal and in most cases cause life-long effects. Simply committing to wear some sort of knee support while practicing skiing and/or snowboarding can help an athlete cut down on instances of knee injury. Medial collateral ligament tears happen most frequently to beginning and intermediate recreational skiers. This specific type of injury accounts for up to 25% of all injuries sustained on the mountain. Most of these types of injuries do not require surgery but can take time to heal. A knee brace that offers adequate medical grade support can prevent the ill effects of faulty stance or minor missteps that occur often with novice skiers. ACL injuries, also known as anterior cruciate ligament tears, occur most frequently from falling and landing incorrectly. For this reason, these types of knee injuries present themselves often to advanced skiers. Knee injuries to an ACL can be quite serious and lead to functional impairment. In the absolute worst cases it can stop a person from ever skiing again. For those who wish to continue their skiing passion, proper rehabilitation is strongly advocated as well as continually wearing an ACL knee brace for maximum protection. Over the counter or drug store quality braces do not provide adequate protection for the ACL. Only FDA approved devices normally prescribed by a medical professional can help treat and in some cases prevent ACL injury. There is a wide variety of knee braces on the market today. Choosing the best one for you will be an individual decision. A knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist or physician can give guidance. The best knee braces for sports will be durable and effective at providing knee support. A hinged knee brace will be the strongest, yet still allow for mobility. Modern medical research has helped designers develop state of the art braces that are more comfortable, breathable and functional. The modern options can really be a lifesaver for dedicated skiers following an unexpected injury. For athletes relatively new to skiing but with previous knee issues, taking precautions ahead of any injuries by wearing a knee sport brace leaves one with many options today. For more expert skiers, investing in a well-made knee brace to guard against extensive injuries will keep you enjoying skiing season safely and in its entirety.
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