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Is Your Office Chair Causing You Lumbar Pain?

by:Prosperity     2020-05-04
Do you experience pain in your lower back when driving, sitting at your desk or when reclining on your sofa? Do you take pain relievers for lower back and sciatica pain, or are your usual activities ever restricted due to such pain? If you primarily sit at a desk for work or spend long hours at home in an office chair in front of your computer, your chair could be the cause of your lumbar pain. The primary reason an office chair causes lower back pain is improper lumbar support. Why Chairs Matter The type of chair you use at the workplace or in your home office matters a great deal for several reasons: The human body wasn't designed for sitting hours on end. The lumbar muscles in your back take the brunt of the pressure sitting for extended periods of time places on your body. The chair you sit in for hours and hours can make doing so much easier on your lower back - or much worse. A� The vast majority of people have poor sitting posture. Sitting hunched over at your desk without proper lumbar support isn't good posture, and it causes lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. As people age, elasticity and strength in muscles and ligaments is lost, leaving them more susceptible to injury. An office chair can help you avoid injury by providing proper lumbar support when your muscles need it most. Discs in the spine harden over time, and muscles lose mass. Supporting the lumbar muscles properly alleviates strain and helps support the spine. Taking breaks from sitting and exercising regularly can help with back problems that result from these contributing factors. Seating yourself properly in an office chair with adequate back support can also help you avoid and alleviate lower back pain long term. Support and Comfort while Sitting If you frequently fidget in your office chair and you're always changing positions trying to get and stay comfortable, you probably need a better office chair. Quality, ergonomic office chairs are unfortunately rather expensive. If your employer won't pay for a better chair or you need some time to save up for one for the home, a lumbar A�cushion is an easy, affordable option. A lumbar support cushion straps to the back of your office chair right where it's needed to provide lumbar support. It fits snugly in the gap that occurs where your spine curves inward away from the chair's back. Filling in that gap takes the pressure off lumbar muscles while you're sitting. You will notice how much more comfortable your chair feels with this added support. You'll be able to sit still longer without fidgeting or pain, plus you can rely on a lumbar support cushion to prevent lower back pain in the future. Once you try a lumbar support cushion, you may find your office chair is actually a lot more comfortable than you imagined. If you still wish to invest in a better chair, you can look for one that provides lumbar support and use your lumbar cushion for portable support around the home and in your car.
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