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How to Eat a Healthy Lunch

by:Prosperity     2020-04-06
Most of us at one time or another has grabbed a fast food lunch and later regretted it. Our regret may have been because we were trying to eat healthier and felt we just blew it. For some, the regret is a more physical reaction including a bloated feeling or heart burn. Either way, it is important to realize that the decision to grab whatever was available at the time was really made much earlier. Choosing to eat a health lunch is not hard. Preparing to eat a healthy lunch is more challenging, but it can be done. All fast food is not necessarily bad. You should know the healthiest fast food options near your work or home so that you can make a better choice next time. If Fast Food is Your Only Option: • A veggie sub on whole wheat without the mayo is a good choice • A protein meal replacement smoothie with low sugar is also a good choice • A salad with low fat dressing and a fruit bowl from a local grocery is also good. Are you getting the idea? Knowing your options increases your awareness of good choices. Of course, preparing your lunches for the upcoming week is a better one. This involves some planning and follow through, but it will be healthier and probably less expensive. Preparing Your Healthy Lunch • Make a list of what you will need to have on hand to prepare your healthy lunches. Go get the items you will need before the week begins. • Plan each day's lunch in advance. • Make sure you have containers that you can re-use and an adequate lunch bag. Some people have access to a refrigerator. If you do not, make sure you plan on keeping your food cooled properly. • Before the week starts prepare two or three days worth of lunches and have them properly contained in your fridge at home. You can even label them by the day if you are ultra-motivated! • Make sure you have napkins and utensils in your lunch bag. • Before you go to bed make sure you have your lunch bag all ready to be filled the next morning. It is a good idea to place it next to your keys so you will not forget it. As with any new habit it will take a few weeks to make this part of your routine but it is worth the effort. You will never again have to feel regret over choosing how to nourish your body.
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