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Good Sitting Posture - How to Sit Properly and

by:Prosperity     2020-05-02
Sitting with proper posture is one of the easiest ways to eliminate spinal pain. Here is an explanation of proper sitting posture. Take careful note, as there is a good chance that you will experience neck pain and/or lower back pain within your lifetime and you will want to know what to do to get out of pain. Here is how to start...1. The first thing I want you to do is sit on a chair and slouch. Give me your best slouched posture. I bet this posture is easy to find.2. Next, arch your back as far back as you can. Make sure you don't cause yourself excessive pain or strain.3. Finally, back off about 10 percent. You should be in good sitting posture, where the alignment of your head, shoulders and hips fall into a vertical plumb line. If you are not quite able to get into this position, it is important that you immediately start sitting in good posture. I promise that it will get easier, but the key point is to do it consistently. The type of chair you use is very important. You cannot sit in good position in just any chair. Take a sofa, for example. It is super-soft and there is no way you can achieve good sitting posture due to the lack of support. Your best bet is to sit in a hard, vertical chair, or an office chair that gives you the support you need. An adjustable chair is ideal. Let us take a closer look a the important characteristics you will want in a good chair. Make sure your adjustable chair has the following features:1. The chair height should be adjustable. Adjust the height so that your feet rest flat on the floor, and the angle of your hips and knees are 90 degrees.2. Make sure the chair has a lumbar support for your back. This support should fit right into your lumbar curve, which is directly above your waistline. If there is no support, you can purchase a lumbar roll with and elastic strap. I like McKenzie lumbar support rolls.3. The back of your chair should fully support your back. This will help to prevent fatigue and keep your back in the proper sitting position.4. The seat pan should not be cutting into the back of your knees. There should be about two inches in this area, and the edge should be rounded.5. Most people do not need the armrests, but if you find you use them to help support your arms, make sure they adjust up and down. Last, but not least, do this: Get out of your chair every 30 minutes. Move around for one or two minutes to stay flexible and improve your circulation. Your spine will be super-happy you have heeded this advice.
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