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Foot Support & Leg Support - Mobility Support Aids

by:Prosperity     2020-04-14
Getting comfortable during the daytime and night time can be a thankless task for many who suffer from debilitating illnesses due to disease or old age. Getting support for knees, feet and legs is vitally important to enjoying a good night's sleep or feeling relaxed in the comfort of your own living room. Protecting a painful or damaged knee is now achievable with a knee support - a revolution in the care and comfort of the back during sleep. The Harley Knee Support is a must for those with hip, knee and back problems. Overstretched muscles, ligaments and tendons often mean aches and pains during the night and morning. The Harley Knee Support takes pressure away from the low back and hips allowing the spine to assume its natural 'S' shape. Additionally if you have toes and feet that require due care and attention a Foot Board should suffice. This soft, fleecy footy board is cosy for your toes and specially designed to prevent slippage whilst in bed. The Foot Board features a secure belt fastening and a removable inner to keep the product clean and fresh. Additional mobility products that can be used in a comfortable armchair include the Contoured Leg Rest - a padded black vinyl leg rest that can be adjusted in height suitably to accommodate the user. The base is made from chrome plated steel tubing and is available as fixed with non-slip rubber ferrules or mobile with four castors. Mobility specialists now provide innovative mobility products that can make a significant difference to the everyday lives of mobility sufferers and the elderly.
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