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Ergonomic Desk Chairs - Key Ways on How to Improve

by:Prosperity     2020-05-19
Correcting poor posture is an important aspect to improving your spine health and identifying where the improvements are needed is the first step towards this process. Do take note though that this is a long time process which will benefit your body, in particular, your spine health, over time in the long run. Hence, perseverance and patience is required to see through this health journey. Often enough, a lot of us will choose to correct our sitting postures first and this is done with ergonomic desk chairs. The reason why many of us tend to start with this approach is that the ergonomically designed chair serves as the tool to help your subconscious mind adjust better and more easily to the right postures. To start, you need to commit to yourself that you will make certain changes to your daily sitting and standing habits which are aimed at help you to correct your posture and improve your back support and reduce back aches and pains. If this is the first time you are embarking upon this process, you will need to spend some effort and bear with the discomfort until your body gets used to it over time. Here are the key sitting posture rules and guidelines that you need to abide by in order to achieve good spine health. This will apply for both the workplace as well as your home. In fact, you should be conscious of maintaining good sitting posture wherever you are, be it at work, home, during recreation or simply dining at the restaurant. Make this a constant habit and you will find that you will sit taller and function more effectively than others. When seated on ergonomic desk chairs, ensure that your back is aligned with the back rest. Do not slouch and if you need to lean forward, you are taking a wrong stance or you are tired from maintaining that posture over a period of time. Remember to stand up and stretch yourself every hour so as to give your body a break from the routine, especially when you are new to this process. If you need to sit over long periods of time at your work station, ensure that your ergonomically designed chair gives you the maximal back support and you get a good body fit when seated in it. The best ergonomic chairs have added padding in the form of lumbar support pillow to help your back adjust to the right sitting posture. When in a sitting stance, your arms should be able to flex as wide as ninety degrees or otherwise, adjust the chair accordingly. Your body should be aligned from head, down to neck, shoulders, back and hips. Hence, you need to keep your shoulders straight, and knees pointing out, perpendicular to this alignment. Feet should be kept comfortably flat on the floor or on the foot rest if the chair has one. And finally, never sit in one position for too long, even if you are using ergonomic desk chairs. Always get up, take a break and do some stretching exercise to rejuvenate and recondition your body. You spine health will begin to improve dramatically after two to three weeks of usage. Check out part two of this series to find out more on tips to improve your posture.
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