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Do You Sit All Day Long? - Protect Your Back

by:Prosperity     2020-05-08
Sitting down for the majority of the day isn't always a bad thing, sometimes people have to for their jobs, attending school and other stuff as well. Something most people don't understand about sitting down is that it is almost always the leading cause of back lower back pain. Did you know that lower back pain can easily be avoided with the proper chair, cushion or pillow? Something most workers don't understand about sitting down all day is that if they buy a chair, cushion or pillow they can deduct that on their taxes because it is a work related expense. If you sit down most of the day then you really need to protect your back by using a lumbar support cushion or pillow. In more severe cases using a lumbar support cushion or pillow just isn't enough, they will tear and wear down really quick. In this case you should use a lumbar support chair since it will last much longer and be more durable. Tips for protecting your back when you have to sit all day long Take breaks - The first way you can protect your back if you have to sit all day long is to take short breaks throughout the day. Most people will work until they are allowed a break but this just isn't enough, you need to at least stand up so your back will stretch and your muscles can move. Use lumbar support - Using lumbar support is a great way to protect your back from back pain. The problem most people have is that they don't like the way a decent lumbar support feels but it is worth the discomfort until you get used to it. Just make sure you are using something if your sitting form is proper. Sitting stretches - Stretching while you are sitting down is a great way to protect your back. All you need to do is do side bends to the left and the right and extend your back ever once and a while. The great thing about doing sitting stretches is you don't have to get up, you can stretch while you work, and most importantly it is easy to do so you won't have any excuse not to do it. Proper form - The last thing you need to understand is that proper form is very important to protecting your back. The best way to sit is having your shoulders directly over your shoulders with a straight spine. If you aren't sitting this way then you are hurting your back which will cause back pain for years to come. If you need extra help then I highly recommend getting a decent lumbar support cushion because they help more than you will ever know.
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