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Commercial and Residential Uses for a Neoprene

by:Prosperity     2020-05-18
I was helping a friend set up a workbench in his garage last weekend. When we finished he wanted to go to the hardware store to buy some kind of cover to protect the top of the bench. One of the salesclerks at the store suggested a medium-strength neoprene rubber sheet to do the job. He explained that this material would provide excellent protection for whatever it covered, and wouldn't degrade due to any spills involving oils or chemicals. In short, it was perfect for what we needed. The store clerk was actually a pretty friendly guy, and while we were waiting for the neoprene rubber sheet to be cut to our specifications, he told us more about the material. Most of the time, the stuff is sold to commercial enterprises such as factories and workshops. Some places use the sheets as floor mats to protect their concrete from spills or to give workers a padded surface to stand on while operating machines. Or, they'll use it to cover the tops of worktables like what we're doing at my buddy's garage. Many factories will cut a neoprene rubber sheet into strips and use the smaller pieces to insulate electrical wiring to protect the wires from harsh conditions. The material can also be used for flanges and gaskets, and is really quite versatile. Basically, if you run any kind of manufacturing business, you can find literally hundreds of applications for a single neoprene rubber sheet on your premises. There are plenty of residential uses as well. In addition to covering a workbench as we're doing, folks can use a neoprene rubber sheet on the garage floor to guard against oil leaks from an older vehicle. Oil spills are notoriously hard to clean up once they soak into concrete, so taking preventive measures can definitely pay off. You can also use strips from a neoprene rubber sheet to help insulate doors and windows a bit better. This can keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thereby drastically reducing your energy bills. High heating and cooling costs is something I've been dealing with recently, so I might have to look into upgrading the insulation work at my place. I doubt it's a project I can tackle myself, but even paying a pro to do it would save me money in the long run. Anyway, I guess I was just a bit surprised at how many different commercial and residential uses there are for something as simple as a neoprene rubber sheet. The material doesn't look or feel like anything special, but its versatility is practically unparalleled. And yes, I know the clerk was trying to improve his sales day by talking us up. It worked though, as we walked out of there with more sheets than we were planning on buying!
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