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Can Ergonomic Desk Chairs Really Help To Reduce Back Pain?

by:Prosperity     2020-05-03
If you belong to the vast group of people who are desk bound at the work station 9 to 5 the moment you settle down onto your seat, then you also belong to the high risk group of workers who might develop drastic back pain later in your years. Indeed remaining in a sitting position over prolonged periods of time can induce lumbar pain, create more problems for existing back ailments and deteriorate spine health. Being seated over long hours on end in a static position is culprit to back pains, as this position poses great strain to the back, neck, shoulders and even all the way to down to the legs. Your back as well as spine takes the greatest brunt. And the longer you sit, the greater is your tendency to slouch. And inappropriate postures tend to apply abrasion and overwork the cushions between your spinal discs. If this is allowed to occur daily your body will begin to feel the excruciating back pain very soon. The office work chair is as important as that at your home work station. You spend one third of your life at work and a good ergonomic desk chair is key to your good spine health. In fact, good workplace ergonomics is just as important in building a strong back. Indeed, an ergonomic desk chair is a tool which is capable of enabling strong lumbar support, maintaining good posture and spine health in a sitting posture. However, like any tool, it needs to be adjusted to the user for maximum effect and results. A good one allows adjustments in chair height and arm rests, forward and backward in back rest, height of the foot rest and has five spokes. They come in various designs to ensure that different user needs are met, for instance, mesh backs for good air flow, kneel chairs and ball chairs for your avant garde back training etc. Research shows that companies which have been living true to the concept of ergonomics have shown proof of productivity rising by at least 30 percent and medical claims reduced by 45 percent over a five year period. Ergonomic desk chairs can indeed help to reduce back pain given time.
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