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Best Exercises To Reduce Back Pain

by:Prosperity     2020-05-06
When it comes to back pain the best and fastest remedy is exercise. If you currently have back pain then you need to consider what exercises you are doing or not doing for that matter, which would help you out. Most people think that when their back is sore they should see a chiropractor or a doctor of some kind, this isn't the case, you need to exercise. Exercise is the most common reason for everything health wise and remains the number one reason why people suffer from back pain. If you have back pain then the following exercises are what you need to do each day in order to get a stronger lumbar, stronger abdominal section and also a stronger gluteus. Everyday just start with the top of the list and work your way down. I recommend doing at least 25 of each one of these 4 exercises. Standing tall - This exercise is the easiest one you can do but it also requires concentration and flexibility. What you do is stand up just like normal but this time you will want to stand with your spine perfectly straight. What this will mean is that your shoulders are pushed back, your abdominal muscles are tight and your chest is facing up. Snake - The snake is something I get you have done to relax your back muscles. All you do is lay face down on a flat surface and with your hips pressed against the ground you will use your arms to push your chest and shoulders off the ground. This exercise works best if you get your entire upper body off the ground with only your legs on the floor. Straight back lunges - Everyone knows how to do a lunge, but in this exercise you need to make sure your back is straight, your abdominal muscles are tight and your chest is facing up. The reason you want to do these is because your gluteus muscles (buttocks) are a big part in keeping your back pain free. Abdominal crunches - The reason you want to do abdominal crunches is to make sure you have a strong core. Most people don't really care about their core mostly because they don't show it off like others do. Your abs are a huge reason why you have back pain, so make sure you have the strongest abdominals possible. If you have back pain exercising is very important to keep it at a minimum. Just remember that if you sit often you should consider using a lumbar support cushion so that you don't have to remember to sit straight, you just do it.
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