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Back Stretcher: Padded and Portable Solution for

by:Prosperity     2020-05-06
Whether we spend our days riding around town, standing on our feet or sitting behind a desk, it seems like there's no way to escape that nagging pressure on our lower back. And you know there's no better way to relieve that pressure than being able to get a good, long stretch. Most orthopedic specialists agree that the best way to decompress and relieve lower back pressure is to lie flat on the floor with something underneath the lower back. That's exactly what the Padded Back Stretcher from North American Healthcare allows you to do. It's a simple & affordable solution. Simply lie on the floor or bed with the Padded Back Stretcher underneath the lower part of your back and you will relieve the pressure on the muscles, disks & vertebrae that are so essential to our daily comfort & longevity. The increased circulation & blood flow will, after a brief period of use, help to better align your spine and bring back a youthful posture and increase mobility. At the very least, you will be better equipped to handle the rest of your day or be more apt to get a restful night's sleep. The Back Stretcher features a center opening panel that cradles your spine allowing built up tensions to ease in a passive, relaxing manner. You can use it at the end of the day in the comforts of your home, take it with you for the daily commute or use it in office chair as a lumbar support. However you choose to use it, the Padded Back Stretcher is a great solution for relieving pressure on the lower back & getting more enjoyment out of life if this pain is stopping you from doing so.
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